If you’ve setup your store with Printful you already have everything you need to start selling your designs on Merch by Amazon: https://merch.amazon.com/landing. Currently Amazon only accepts applications by invitation. If you register with Amazon now you can continue building your t-shirt shop with your website while you wait.

My invitation to join Merch by Amazon arrived about a month ago. 

I submitted my application back in the beginning of this year. I had actually forgotten about it until I received an email from Amazon in June that I had been approved. I’ve heard that some people are still waiting to get invited while others get invited within weeks or a few months. It’s hard to say what the criteria is to be invited.

When I submitted my application, I included one of my WordPress/WooCommerce/Printful sites that’s selling my brand of t-shirts.

I also sell and distribute videos with Amazon Video Direct with my brand. I currently have an Amazon reseller account with my t-shirt designs. Perhaps having various Amazon accounts and a website with your current products helps. I’m not suggesting that any of these factors are a requirement but it might help you to get invited. As far as I know anyone can sign up to sell on Merch by Amazon even if you’re not based in the U.S. It just may take awhile to be accepted.

I’ve currently been tiered up to sell 25 designs as I’ve already sold 10+ shirts since I started. 

I have not done any marketing or advertising other than posting some designs on my social media accounts. However, I did run t-shirt contest giveaways for a few shirts to get my account tiered up bit faster. Here’s an example of one of my past Amazon giveaways, now completed with a winner picked by Amazon, in case you’re interested in how I did that: https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/398042df81df003c. The higher the tier the more t-shirts you can upload and sell on their platform.

When you are first accepted, you’ll be able to upload 10 designs. 

After 10 shirts they’ll tier you up to the next level which is 25 and so on. This FAQ explains how the system works: https://merch.amazon.com/resource/201846470. I strongly suggest you read the FAQs if you are considering applying for an invitation. Their rules are pretty strict on what you can and cannot sell on their platform as they will be handling the entire t-shirt sale, including printing, shipping, payments, etc. All you have to do is upload your design, fill in the information, setup pricing to determine your royalties and you’re set to go.

How do you get started with Merch by Amazon?

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I hope you’ll consider expanding your options to other platforms. While you’re waiting for your Merch by Amazon invitation to be approved, keep creating new designs and uploading them to your website!